1. The local PRIDE chairperson completes the PRIDE proposal forms. The forms are found on njea.org (select “Parents and Community;” then click on “PRIDE in Public Education”).
  2. The PRIDE chairperson sends the completed PRIDE proposal to his or her regional UniServ office. This can be done via email, snail mail, fax, or in person. The list of regional offices can be found here:
  3. http://www.njea.org/about/regional-offices
  4. The local association’s UniServ field representative reviews the proposal.
  5. After the field rep has approved the proposal, it is electronically submitted to NJEA Headquarters for final approval.
  6. After NJEA HQ has approved the proposal, the funds are added to the local association’s account in the PRIDE system.
  7. The local association president and PRIDE chairperson receive an email with the funds awarded and an approval number.
  8. The PRIDE chairperson visits njeapridestore.org to order any promotional products that were requested on the original proposal. The approval number on the email is needed to “check out.” No money is exchanged for promotional products ordered from njeapridestore.org.
  9. The local association holds its PRIDE event.
  10. The PRIDE chairperson submits the PRIDE reimbursement form and the original receipts and cancelled checks for its expenses to his or her regional UniServ office.
  11. The regional UniServ office staff review the reimbursement form and receipts.
  12. After the office staff has approved the reimbursement, the form and receipts are sent to NJEA HQ.
  13. After NJEA HQ has approved the reimbursement, the funds are electronically deposited into the local association’s bank account.